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This newsletter will provide updates on my books and podcast, information about upcoming events and conventions I’ll be at, reading recommendations, maybe some craft talk, and more!

But who is this person I’m now following?

Well, here’s the official bio:

Cass Morris is a writer and research editor living in central Virginia. Her debut series, The Aven Cycle, is Roman-flavored historical fantasy. She is also one-third of the team behind the Hugo Award Finalist podcast Worldbuilding for Masochists. She currently holds the position of Research Editor and Worldbuilding Specialist at Plato Learning, a company which runs mythology-themed summer camps and other educational programming. Cass provides dramaturgical research and developmental editing for the camps' immersive, interactive theatrical experiences. Previously, she worked as Academic Resources Manager at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA. She holds a Master of Letters in Shakespeare studies from Mary Baldwin University and a BA in English and History from the College of William and Mary. She reads voraciously, wears corsets voluntarily, and will beat you at Mario Kart.

Blonde woman in a teal dress standing in a green field

Really, though?

Really, I’m a giant nerd and incurable chatterbox. I love to talk about history, Shakespeare, rhetoric, and geek media. This newsletter will primarily be major updates, but I may start a spinoff with more frequent ramblings if I end up liking this platform well enough!

Why “Scribendi”?

The term comes from one of Juvenal’s Satires. The full phrase is cacoethes scribendi, “an itch for writing.”

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